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Press Release: OJK Hosts 19th Asean Insurance Regulators Meeting
November 23, 2016

OJK hosted and chaired the 19th ASEAN Insurance Regulators Meeting (AIRM) that was held from November 21 to 25, 2016 in Yogyakarta.

Press Release: OJK Beefs Up Insurance Industry, Replacing AJB Bumiputera 1912 Management
October 25, 2016

OJK has been fostering efforts to beef up national insurance industry by building the capacity of insurance companies to make them even more competitive.

Press Release: Bumi Asih Jaya Life Insurance Declared Bankrupt, Policyholders Urged to File Claims
June 23, 2016

OJK has asked the policyholders of Bumi Asih Jaya Life Insurance, which has been declared bankrupt by the Supreme Court, to file their claims with the insurance company to the appointed curator.

Press Release: Call For Papers on Non-Bank Financial Industry
May 2, 2016

OJK once again held Call for Papers on the Non-Bank Financial Industry following positive responses and appreciation that it received from practitioners, scholars, and the general public, for last year's competition.

Press Release: OJK and Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Build Cooperation in Energy Development
February 3, 2016

OJK and Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry agreed to cooperate in the Acceleration Program for Development of New and Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation through Improvement of the Roles of Financial Services Institutions.

Press Release: OJK Organizes International Seminar to Boost Growth in Insurance Industry, Pension Funds and National Social Security System
September 7, 2015

Chairman of OJK Board of Commissioners Muliaman. D. Hadad said in his speech that insurance industry, pension funds and SJSN have significant roles in national economy, considering that they share similar characteristic as long-term business.

Press Release: OJK Issues Stimulus Regulation for Insurance Companies and Pension Funds
September 3, 2015

OJK has issued a new regulation that gives stimulus to insurance companies and pension funds in effort to reduce impacts of the weakening global financial condition.

Press Release: OJK Decreases Down Payment of Motor Vehicle Financing in Finance Companies
July 3, 2015

Financial Services Authority supported government in maintaining national economic growth by issuing a policy on down payment of motor vehicle financing.

Press Release: OJK Opens Call for Papers on Insurance and Pension Fund
February 20, 2015

OJK`s Chief Executive for Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervision Firdaus Djaelani added that the event would be arranged routinely each year and is expected to be able to help succeeding the program of creating 1,000 actuaries, and also be an instru...

Press Release: Non-Bank Financial Industry Performance in 2014 Grows Positively
February 5, 2015

OJK evaluated that non-bank financial industry development during 2014 was positive amidst deceleration of national economic growth. Total asset of non-bank financial industry as of November 2014 increased by around 12.84 percent when compared to Dec...

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