OJK to Improve Integrated Consumer Care

Feb 5 2014
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Financial Services Authority, February 5th, 2014: The Financial Services Authority (OJK) will launch Integrated Financial Consumer Care program, which provides service improvements using a system with trackable and traceable facilities. The Integrated Consumer Care, which will involve financial services business players, is aimed at better implementation of OJKs education and consumer protection function as mandated by Law No. 21 of 2011 on OJK.

OJK`s Integrated Consumer Care program, which will be launched on Thursday, February 6th, 2014, is expected to cater the needs of financial consumers and public in gaining information, submitting reports, and filing complaints related to services and products in financial industry, for instance in banking, capital market, insurance, finance, pension fund, mortgage, and other financial institutions.

The integrated consumer service with trackable and traceable facilities will draw together consumers and financial services business players within a single system. Consumers will be able to know how their filed complaints are being processed, while financial services business players will know consumers` complaints addressed to them through the system. The facilities are built so that the handling of consumers complaints can be done more responsively and more transparently. Both of the facilities can be accessed at http://konsumen.ojk.go.id.

The involvement of financial services business players in this integrated consumer service is regulated in article 36 of OJK Regulation No. 1/POJK.07/2013 on protection for consumers in the financial services sector. It is stipulated in the regulation that financial services business players must have a working unit and/or function to handle and settle consumers complaints. With the operation of Integrated Consumer Care, it is hoped that the program will help both consumers and financial services business players in settling complaints. OJK has also launched the Integrated Consumer Care with services and facilities through an outsourced party on May 6th, 2013.

The Integrated Consumer Care launching event will be held at lobby room of Radius Prawiro Tower in Bank Indonesia office complex in Jakarta at 09.30 12.00 a.m., and will be attended by OJK Board of Commissioners, Bank Indonesia Governor, Finance Minister, Trade Minister,  Manpower and Transmigration Minister, Head and Deputy Head of Commission XI of House of Representatives,  Deputy Communications and Information Minister, Jakarta Governor, and representatives from government institutions, associations and financial industry.

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