OJK with PT Pegadaian and Financial Services Institutions Hold Finance Exhibition at Ratu Indah Mall in Makassar

Oct 2 2014


Financial Services Authority: Financial literacy survey in 2013 showed that level of financial literacy nationally was still low (21.84%). The low level of financial literacy occurred in all class of society. Financial Services Authority (OJK) therefore launched blueprint of national strategy on financial literacy on November 19, 2013, in order to improve financial literacy in society.

The national strategy consists of three pillars, and one of them is education and national campaign on financial literacy. This pillar has strategic programs, among others are exhibition and seminar on financial education for society so as to leverage understanding about financial products and services.

OJK in cooperation with state-owned pawnshop PT Pegadaian and other financial services institutions held a finance exhibition at Ratu Indah Mall in Makassar, South Sulawesi on September 19, 2014. The exhibition was aimed at giving information to society about products and services offered by financial services industry that is supervised by OJK. The industry includes banking, insurance, finance companies, pension fund, capital market and pawnshop.

Member of OJK Board of Commissioners Firdaus Djaelani expected that the exhibition would make society understand more about products and services offered by financial services institutions. Thereby, society would use the offered products and services.

The exhibition event was also used as a way to give explanation that the program is a continuance of OJK`s program, by cooperating with financial services institutions and regional government, to improve society`s literacy on financial products and services, considering result of survey in 2013 showed that society`s literacy and utility on products and services from financial services institutions was still low.

Furthermore, the finance exhibition was hoped to be able to tighten the cooperation between OJK, financial services industry (banking, capital market, insurance, pension fund, finance companies and pawnshop), and regional government. Thereby, all parties can improve society`s literacy and utility on financial products and services.  

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