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Islamic finance industry in Indonesia has the potential to continue to grow and have a great benefit for the economy. Non-Bank Financial Industry (IKNB) with Sharia even became a pillar of strength in the Islamic finance industry, whose development is expected to involve in the development of sharia in Indonesia's economy.

IKNB Sharia is a field of activity related to the activity in the insurance industry, pension funds, financial institutions, and other financial institutions, which in practice does not conflict with Islamic principles. In general, his activities did not have differences with conventional IKNB. But there are some special characteristics, the product and the transaction mechanisms based on Islamic principles.

Among others who do Islamic Financial Institutions (LKS) is based on Sharia law difatwakan National Sharia Board of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI DSN) is Mudharabah (Qiradh), financing Musharaka, Ijarah Financing, Wakalah, Mudharabah Musytarakah, and Kafalah Akad.

FSA as regulator and supervisor in Islamic financial also have the functions and authority to do the integration policy direction, strategy, and stages of development in the Islamic financial industry, including in IKNB Sharia. Naturally regulatory instrument issued also in accordance with Islamic principles, involving DSN MUI.​

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