Consumer Protection


"Empowerment and protection for consumers of banking services"

This program is aimed at empowering customers through the establishment of a mechanism for customer complaints, establishment of an independent mediation agency, improved transparency of information on banking products, and public education. In the next two through five years, these programs are expected to improve customer confidence in the banking system.

:: Phase of Implementation

​No​Activity (Pillar VI)Implementation Schedule
​1​Formulation of standards for customer complaints mechanism
1. Establish minimum criteria for customer complaints mechanism2004-2005
2. Monitor and evaluate the compliance to regulations governing customer complaints mechanism2006-2010
​2​Establishment of independent mediation agency – Facilitate the establishment of independent mediation agency​2004-2008
​3​Drafting of regulations on transparency of product information
1. Facilitate the drafting of minimum standards for transparency of banking product information2004-2005
2. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of regulations governing transparency of product information2006-2010
​4​Promoting public education for customers
1. Encourage banks to educate customers regarding financial productsbeginning 2004
2. Upgrade the effectiveness of public education programs regarding sharia banking through the Sharia Economics Communications Center (PKES)beginning 2004

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