Press Release: OJK and Investment Alert Task Force Suspend Six Illegal Investment Firms

Jan 11 2017
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Jakarta, January 11, 2017 — The Financial Services Authority (OJK) and the Task Force for Handling Alleged Unlawful Acts involving Public Funds Collection and Investment Management (the Investment Alert Task Force) once again uncovered investment offers from six businesses, which had no license from any authorities and offered products that could make the public suffer financial losses.

Therefore, the OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force stated that the six companies were illegal investment firms and that they had to stop their business activities, in order to give legal protection to the public, especially consumers of the financial services sector.

The six firms are as follows:

  1. PT Compact Sejahtera Group, Compact500 or Bintang Abadi Sejahtera Cooperative or ILC
  2. PT Inti Benua Indonesia
  3. PT Inlife Indonesia
  4. Segitiga Bermuda Cooperative/Profitwin77
  5. PT Cipta Multi Bisnis Group
  6. PT Mi One Global Indonesia

The OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force had observed and monitored their activities due to the information that those companies distributed through print, electronic and social media.

Both the OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force had conducted investigation on the six companies and based on the prevailing laws, they stated that those concerns had to suspend their business activities.

The OJK and the Investment Alert Task Force urge the public that before putting their money into any investment, they should take the following precautions :

  1. Make sure that the companies that offer investment products have business licenses from the authorized agencies and the licenses are relevant to their business activities.
  2. Make sure that the parties who offer investment products have permits to do so or they are registered as marketing partners.

If the public finds any suspicious investment offer, please consult or report it to OJK Consumer Care by calling 1 500 655 or sending an email to or

The public can also find a list of companies that are not registered or not under OJK's supervision, which is published at


For more information:

Tongam L. Tobing, Director of Policies and Investigation Support/Chairman of the Investment Alert Task Force

Tel: +62 21 2960 0000 Email: website:


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