Press Release: OJK Concentrates On Financial Literacy and Inclusion Improvement For Women and MSMEs

Aug 19 2023
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Yogyakarta, August 19, 2023. Indonesia Financial Services Authority (OJK) continues their hard work in improving the public financial literacy and inclusion, particularly in women and MSME actors as the priority group through various financial education program.

This message is conveyed by the Chief Executive of Market Conduct Supervision, Education, and Consumer Protection of OJK Friderica Widyasari Dewi in the National Work Meeting of the Economic Council and 'Asyiyah Manpower Central Leader, which discusses “Inklusi Dakwah Ekonomi Perempuan Berkemajuan" in Yogyakarta, Saturday.

Friderica views women, especially as homemaker, holds an essential role in making financial decisions. Therefore, comprehension of various financial products and services are needed to prevent scam and fraud investment.

“The point is creating a fortress of knowledge for all mothers. A strong stronghold, that whatever scam or fraud may came, these women will be aware and be able to protect their family from the detrimental effects of the scam," said Friderica.

Moreover, Friderica extends that literacy and inclusion for women in Indonesia has become one of the national inclusive financial strategies that includes all segments of public, particularly the group whose formal financial services that has not been fulfilled. Namely, women with low-income, working women, women who owns MSMEs and homemakers.

“I want every woman (here) to reap benefits not only from the education and inclusion, but also using financial services products to financially empower yourself and your family's prosperity," Friderica said.

Friderica also elaborates that OJK together with 495 Regional Financial Access Acceleration Team (TPAKD) in all Indonesia has several women and MSMEs empowerment program that can be used by the public through the 35 Regional OJK Offices.

The National Work Meeting is attended by Chairman of PP 'Asyiyah Salmah Orbayinah and is participated by 81 representatives of 29 provinces in Indonesia.




For more information:

Head of Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Communication Department - Aman Santosa;

Tel. (021) 29600000; E-mail:

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