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Indonesia's financial sector has special term information in the diverse fields of the economic activity. OJK-Pedia dictionary created with the goal of becoming the Financial Services Authority, which provides descriptions of hundreds of terms that are indexed information relating to the world of banking and finance.


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OJK considered that development and risk profile in financial services industry until the beginning of October was generally in normal condition. That is the conclusion of OJK Board of Commissioners` monthly meeting.more

Financial Services Authority (OJK) has released a list of public accountant offices and public accountants registered in OJK as of September 30. There are 197 public accountant offices and public accountants in the list, officially registered in OJK as bank auditors and categorized into conventional and Sharia. It must be known that Sharia public accountants have certificates of education or training in Sharia field. Thereby, according to stipulation in Bank Indonesia Letter Number 7/57/DPbS 22 dated December 2005, they are entitled to audit banks that run businesses based on Sharia principles. more

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