OJK Infringement Reporting System.    more
Comprehensive support from the financial service industry to achieve sustainable development resulted from harmonious relationship between economic, social and environmental interests.    more
Indonesia's financial sector has special term information in the diverse fields of the economic activity. OJK-Pedia dictionary created with the goal of becoming the Financial Services Authority, which provides descriptions of hundreds of terms that are indexed information relating to the world of banking and finance.


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The program was an implementation of the blue print of Indonesia`s National Strategy on Financial Literacy in 2015, mainly the first pillar, that is education and national campaign for financial literacy. Based on data from Bank Indonesia in 2014, total number of remittance generated from Indonesian Migrant Workers (TKI) working in Taiwan was USD 668,971,854 or equivalent to Rp 8.5 trillion.more

Muliaman said, besides its role in absorbing financial turmoil and economic development, Sharia financial industry is important for advancing society`s access or financial inclusion, which is implemented, among others, through financial literacy.more

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