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Student Research Program

As a form of service to the community, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) provides opportunities for students/researcher who are completing a written work or final project/thesis/thesis/dissertation and need data or information related to the duties and functions of the OJK. conduct research.Research Requirements and Procedures:

  1. Students/researchers submit research applications no later than 2 months before the research begins.
  2. OJK will consider each submitted final project/thesis/thesis/dissertation proposal. Topics that are not relevant to the scope of OJK's duties and functions cannot be served.
  3. Students/researchers ensure that published data are available on the OJK official website, before submitting a request for data.
  4. Students/researchers can come as needed through a meeting agreement mechanism with OJK employees, which can be arranged after the proposal is approved, so that data collection does not have to go through the internship process.
  5. Students/researchers submit the following required documents:
    1. Letter of Introduction from the University;
    2. Research proposal (complete) Chapters 1 - 3 which contains the title, objectives, methodology, data required, research period, questions to be asked if an interview is required);
    3. Complete List of Questions for Interview needs or List of Data Needs;
    4. Stamped statement letter which can be downloaded here: Surat Pernyataan Peneliti.docx
    5. Student Card or ID Card; and
    6. CV with photo.

Documents please be scanned and attached one by one, not combined in one file and submitted via email with the subject Permohonan Penelitian Mahasiswa_Nama lengkap_Jurusan_Universitas

Example : 

Permohonan Penelitian Mahasiswa_Omar Karim_S1 Akuntansi_Universitas Gajah Mada


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