23rd Integrated Financial Supervisors Conference: Strengthening Cooperation among Financial Regulators

On 3rd-4th November 2022, OJK hosted the 23rd Integrated Financial Supervisors Conference (IFSC), a forum consisting of 18 regulators to explore efforts taken by countries to respond to challenges and new trends in the economic and financial landscape. Delegates from six countries attended the event in person, Australia, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore, while other participants took part in the discussion virtually.

This year’s event raised the theme of A New Chapter of Economic and Financial Landscape, with topics revolving around headwinds in the financial sector, consumer protection, crypto-assets, and sustainable finance. 

During the meeting, OJK Chairman explained that cooperation among regulators across jurisdictions is critical in facing current and future challenges in the financial sector. ‘The IFSC is not merely a forum for us (regulators) to exchange views, but it also serves to strengthen our cooperation in the future,’ he added.