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About International Information Hub


The International Information Hub was established as a means to provide the latest information about the performance of Indonesia’s financial services industry and OJK policies/regulations to international stakeholders. The International Information Hub is administered by the Investor Relations Unit of OJK (IRU OJK), which aims to maintain a positive perception of Indonesia’s economy and the financial services sector.

As part of the Investor Relations Unit of the Republic of Indonesia (IRU-RoI), IRU OJK maintains close coordination with Bank Indonesia, the Ministry of Finance, the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs, and other related ministries or institutions.

IRU OJK responds to questions submitted through e-mail or meeting requests through formal letters.

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Contact Person

Arif Safarudin 

Senior Executive Analyst


D. Miranti Wulandari

Senior Analyst


Jonathan E. Rayon

Junior Analyst


Amirah Hadi A.

Junior Analyst



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