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Banking Industry Assessment February 2024

In line with improving global economic performance, the Indonesian banking sector continued to post solid loan growth, rising by 11.28% (yoy) in February 2024, supported by working capital loans (12.04% yoy). Meanwhile, Third-Party Funds (TPFs or Deposits) grew by 5.66% (yoy), primarily contributed by Demand Deposit growth (7.33% yoy), resulting in a Loan to Deposit Ratio (LDR) of 84.05%.

The Banking sector was well capitalized, with a CAR level of 27.72% and ample liquidity as reflected in both Liquid Assets/Non-core Deposits (LA/NCD) and LA/Third-Party Funds (LA/TPF), which were well above the 50% and 10% thresholds at 121.98% and 27.41%, respectively.

The profitability of the banking sector remained stable, as indicated by a 4.49% Net Interest Margin (NIM) and 2.52%. Return on Assets (ROA). Meanwhile, credit risk remained manageable, with gross and net NPLs at 2.35% and 0.82%, respectively, below the 5% threshold.

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