Social Finance and Social Enterprises A New Frontier for Development in Indonesia (UNDP)





This project aims to contribute to the work of the UNDP Indonesia team  in the area of social finance and the development of innovative finance models. More specifically, this assignment aims to unpack the concept of social finance in the context of development with the specific focus on Indonesia with lessons for the wider region, develop a compelling narrative for advocating for the approach, map the incidence and influence of investors and networks in Phase 1 of the project. The expectation is that this lays the groundwork for a phase 2 recommendation on the design of social  finance models in order to test out its feasibility within and across different sectors and national contexts as well as within UNDP context (with prototypes aimed at the nexus of country and UNDP priorities), and line up a series of investors and potential partners to implement those prototypes. The underlining assumption and intention is to test out to what extent the social finance landscape can leverage UNDP’s presence, experience, and expertise in the region to support countries to meet their respective national and regional development priorities.