Press Conference - 08 Maret 2024

Indonesia Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance Socialization

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) published the Indonesia Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance (TKBI) during the Annual Meeting of the Financial Services Industry (PTIJK) on February 20, 2024, with the first focus on the energy sector. TKBI is a classification of economic activities that support Indonesia's efforts and Sustainable Development Goals covering economic, environmental, and social aspects, and acts as a guide to improve capital allocation and sustainable financing in supporting the achievement of Indonesia's net zero emission target in 2060 or earlier. To disseminate the TKBI, OJK has held a series of Dissemination of Indonesia Taxonomy for Sustainable Finance (TKBI) from Wednesday to Thursday, March 6-7, 2024 in Jakarta. The activity will be held again for the second batch on April 23-24, 2024 in Medan. Documentation and supporting materials during the socialization activities can be downloaded at the following links:

  1. Socialization recording:
  2. Socialization material: